Hey there.

I’m Meru. I’m a years old student from Italy, currently enrolled in the Communication Engineering masters student course at the University of Parma.

Fascinated by computers since when I have memory about anything, my interest only grew in time. Browsing the internet more and more regularly, in my early teenage years I became interested in things like game making and programming, (specifically using the RPG Maker software at first), so I learnt the basics, and found out I really liked doing it.

During the same period I started practicing with playing a guitar, and even though I never properly learned consistent music theory, after a couple of years of learning through lectures, I went down the self-learning route as a guitar player and composer.

Somewhere between 2009 and 2010 I discovered chiptune music and became obsessed with it. I started using LSDJ and tinkering with many other things.
As of now, I possess various modded Gameboys, a C64, a Nintendo NES and other things I compose music with. I also became gradually part of the Italian micromusic scene, being able to perform at a few parties.

I have a lot of interests related to chiptune music and retrocomputers.
I use my NESs to generate both static and interactive visual art through circuit bending and NO-CARRIER’s glitchNes.
I recently wrote a small similar software for Game Boy Advance called glitchGBA.

I have an interest in both analog and digital, modular audio and video synthesis. Being often unable to afford gear is also the main reason why my approach is often DIY and cheaply experimental.
I also sometimes write interactive visual carts for the Pico-8 Fantasy Console.

I’m very interested, but still rather unexperienced in the fields of DSP and Hardware design, specifically circuits and signal processing for A/V multimedia (mainly sound synthesizers) applications, meaning to conduct my post-graduation studies/experiments/experiences in this direction.